Saturday, July 7, 2012

"The Firecracker"

    I wanted to make a little Independence Day themed story about a little firecracker trying to escape his doom. Little did I know, this thing was going to take four days to make, and I was hoping to post it on July 4th, but now I know to start a holiday oriented project before the actual holiday.

    I really enjoyed making this and I think I might have a newfound love of storyboarding and animatics. It's fun trying to exaggerate everything from facial expressions to poses to the overall drama of a situation. You might have noticed I drew some inspiration from the one and only John Kricfalusi. There's just something great about cartoons that have a bizarreness to them. I hope to make more of these, especially during my concept class this coming year at Ringling.


  1. Kevin! This is freaking amazing! Love this, love the shots that were used, it told such a good story visually. You're so good at storyboarding, I loved all of this so much!!

    1. Thanks Carla! Glad you liked it :D It was a lot of fun to do.