Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Monkeys n' Dolphins

Here are some character designs for my concept class:

Here are some exploratory sketches I did when I was trying to come up with the designs for the characters:

I wanted to think simple geometric shapes. Here I tried a square as the basic shape for the monkey's head.

I tried getting more complex, trying to see what I could get. Although I like this design, the monkey with the square head stood out more. I wanted my design to be interesting and catch the eye.

I tried drawing the monkey and the dolphin together to see if I could get two designs the juxtapose well. I soon decided it would be best to have the monkey's sharp, geometric shapes contrast with the smooth, flowing shapes of the dolphin. 

After a little more exploration, I tried using a triangle as the basic shape for the monkey's head. I found the monkey on the right to be my favorite, but I felt it needed a bit more adjustment.

Finally, I found the design that I liked. A strong triangle takes the from of his head, giving him a strange, but interesting appearance.

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